Specifies whether to map community IDs when the Distributed Action Handler mirrors multiple community servers.

This parameter applies only to mirror mode.

In this mode of operation, the Distributed Action Handler does not require the user, agent, and profile IDs stored in two or more mirrored community servers to be identical. Instead, it maintains an internal mapping of the IDs from all the community servers.

If this parameter is set to false, the Distributed Action Handler does not maintain an internal mapping of the IDs. Instead, it rejects a query in which a user or agent ID is used. If a profile ID is used, it requires the Username parameter to be specified.

The advantage of operating in this mode is that you can use two or more Distributed Action Handlers to mirror the same set of community servers, achieving redundancy in the Distributed Action Handler.

Type: Boolean
Default: True
Required: No
Configuration Section: StateChangingActions
Example: MapCommunityIDs=true
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