Set SimpleCombinatorMode to true to use IDOL Server databases, rather than virtual databases (VDBs) to distribute and merge results. In SimpleCombinatorMode, you cannot configure VDBs, and Distributed Action Handler sends all queries to all child servers. Distributed Action Handler forwards the DatabaseMatch to child servers, and merges the responses from all child servers.

If an IDOL server stops responding for any reason (for example, a hardware failure or network outage), the Distributed Action Handler marks it as down and only assigns incoming actions to the databases in IDOL server installations that are running. The Distributed Action Handler periodically checks IDOL servers that are down. If it finds that an IDOL server has come online again (for example, because the hardware has been rebooted or the network connection repaired), it adds it back into the list of active IDOL servers and resumes sending actions to that IDOL server.

Note: This configuration parameter only applies in non-mirror mode.

Type: Boolean
Default: False
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server
Example: SimpleCombinatorMode=true
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