The ping period (in seconds) on child servers that are currently marked UP. (TimeBetweenRetries determines the ping interval of child servers that are currently marked DOWN.)

UP servers do not need as frequent monitoring as DOWN servers because their status is confirmed by the fact that they are serving requests.

A DOWN server cannot be marked UP except by pinging. An UP server can be marked DOWN if it fails to respond to any query. The status of an UP server is updated whenever it responds (or fails to respond) to a query or a ping. Distributed Action Handler only pings an UP server if a period of time longer than the value specified by PingPeriodInSec has elapsed since the last update of the server status.

Type: Long
Default: 60
Allowed Range:

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 32000000

Recommended Range:

Minimum: 60

Maximum: 86400

Required: No
Configuration Section: Server
Example: PingPeriodInSec=60
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