The maximum number of initial results. If the Distributed Action Handler sends requests for a large amount of data to its child servers (for example, by including a high MaxResults or Start value in an action), you can use AbridgedThreshold to speed up the query process time.

AbridgedThreshold defines the maximum number of results that a Query, Suggest or SuggestOnText action can return before the returned data is abridged.

If the abridged query format is enabled and used, initially the child servers return only enough data to determine the top results. Distributed Action Handler then requests the rest of the information for the top results, by sending GetContent requests to the appropriate child servers.

Note: You can set AbridgedThreshold to -1 to disable abridging, or to 0 to always use abridging.

Type: Long
Default: -1
Allowed Range:

Minimum: -1

Maximum: 1000000

Recommended Range:

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 100000

Required: No
Configuration Section: Server
Example: AbridgedThreshold=90
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