ACI Encryption Configuration Parameters

Deprecated: The ACI Encryption configuration section is deprecated for Distributed Action Handler version 10.8.0 and later. Instead of using ACI encryption, HP recommends configuring Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections between ACI servers and applications. For more information, see Secure Socket Layer Parameters.

These configuration parameters are still available for existing implementations, but it might be incompatible with new functionality. The parameters might be deleted in future.

You can encrypt communications between ACI servers (for example, Distributed Action Handler and License Server) and any applications that use the HP ACI API by configuring an [ACIEncryption] section in each of the application configuration files.

For example:


CommsAllowUnencrypted - Deprecated

CommsEncryptionTEAKeys - Deprecated

CommsEncryptionType - Deprecated

ServiceName - Deprecated

See Also: Secure Socket Layer Parameters.