Type one or more fields. Unless a query term already has a field restriction, each query restricts the term by the specified fields (that is, the query returns only results that contain each of the terms in each of the specified fields).

To specify that the fields in the FieldRestriction parameter are the only fields that the query can use in the matching process for both the Text and FieldText action parameters, set the HardFieldRestriction parameter to true.

In complex expressions, Distributed Action Handler applies the FieldRestriction parameter after all other field restrictions in the expression. For example:


is equivalent to the following expression:


In this example, if you also set HardFieldRestriction to true, it returns results only for the frog:ANIMAL term and restriction.

Actions: Query
Type: String

In this example, if the query text is cat+dog:ANIMAL+rabbit, the specified FieldRestriction is applied to the terms cat and rabbit but not applied to the term dog (because it already has a field restriction). The query only returns documents if they contain the value dog in an ANIMAL field, the value cat in a CREATURE or FAUNA field or the value rabbit in a CREATURE or FAUNA field.

See Also: HardFieldRestriction