The number of the first result to display. For example, if 20 results are available in total, type 10 to skip the first 10 results and display the results 11 to 20.

You can use multiple values in a single query; separate each value with a comma. Distributed Action Handler treats multiple values as a series of distinct queries.

This parameter requires you to set DAHEndState and often MaxResults parameters: each value of DAHStartState must have a corresponding value of DAHEndState, and the MaxResults value must be greater than the sum of the values in DAHStartState. You can set the MaxResults configuration parameter in the [Server] section; if you do not, the default value is 6. Therefore, whenever the sum of the DAHStartState values exceeds the MaxResults configuration or default value, you must set the MaxResults query parameter.

Actions: Query
Type: Long
Default: 1

Distributed Action Handler treats this example as three queries: the first starts at document 11 and end at document 19, the second starts at 6 and end at 20, and the third starts at 7 and end at 13.

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