The TERMPHRASE field specifier (case sensitive) allows you to return documents in which a specified field contains a conceptual match of a phrase specified by you. Your phrase is matched after stemming is applied (stop words are not removed). Any punctuation in the specifier or field is ignored.

Note: If the language that you are using does not match the DefaultLanguageType that you have specified in the IDOL Server configuration file, you must add the LanguageType parameter to your query action.


yourPhrase Type a phrase. A document is only returned if one of yourFields contains a conceptual match of the specified phrase.
yourFields Type one or more fields. A document is only returned if it contains one of these fields, and if this field contains a conceptual match of yourPhrase. Separate multiple fields with colons (:). There must be no space before or after a colon.


FieldText=TERMPHRASE{Batman! and Robins}:FILM

A document whose FILM field contains Showing now: 'Batman and Robin', is returned as a result.


A document whose DRETITLE or TITLE field contains the gift horse's mouth had rotting teeth is returned.