The number of compression levels to apply to old statistical data.

The StatsCompression section of the configuration file must also include a line for each of the levels you specify, numbered consecutively and starting from 0 (zero).

For example, if you set Levels to 2, you should include the following lines:


You must then add separate sections in the configuration file, [CompressLevel0] and [CompressLevel1], where you can specify the details of the compression for each level.

For clarity, HPE recommends that you specify the name of the level that deletes statistics as ThrowAway, rather than CompressLevelN.


If you use a shared statistics database for  Coordinator and Controller components, you must not configure statistics compression in both the Coordinator and Controller configuration files.

For consistency, when you use a shared statistics database, HPE recommends that you configure statistics compression only in the Controller components.

Type: Integer
Default: None
Required: Yes
Configuration Section: StatsCompression
Example: Levels=3
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