Specify a comma-separated list of service type descriptions as the value of the ServiceTypesToRunOnCSV parameter to run the Lua task only on services with a specified service type or types.

The service type description of a service corresponds to the Type parameter for the AddService action, the type attribute returned by the GetServices action, the ServiceTypes parameter for the GetStatistics action, and the Type setting for each service in the serviceinfo.cfg configuration file. Note that a service can have one type only, but many labels.

To set or edit the service type value, you can use the EditServiceInfo action, or edit the serviceinfo.cfg file.


The service type description should not be confused with the basic type of the service (service, process, or system). The service type value can be tailored to fit the needs of your deployment.

Type: String
Default: By default, the Lua task runs on all services.
Required: No
Configuration Section: LuaTaskN
Example: ServiceTypesToRunOnCSV=content,community
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