The StopService action stops the service that you specify using the Port parameter.



You must have Windows administrator privileges to use this action.


Parameter Description Required
ControlMethod The control method to use to stop the service.  
Port The port that the service that you want to stop is running on. Yes


You can also submit this action from Coordinator by specifying the ControllerUUID parameter. By default, the action is asynchronous, but you can run it synchronously by setting the Synchronous parameter to True.

If the response is successful, the response contains the following information:

You can use the token with the QueueInfo action to find the status of the action. For example:


If the response fails, it contains an error. Usually this is as a result of an issue with underlying Controller server, or as a result of an issue with Coordinator itself if the Controller server is down.

For more information, refer to the Coordinator Reference.

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