The SendAction action enables you to send an ACI, index, or service action to a specified service.


Controller must be authorized to send the specified type of action to your child services. Ensure that you add the Controller host, SSL identity, or GSS principal to your child service authorization roles configuration.

You can send data as an HTTP POST request or as multipart data; posted data is then forwarded to the correct child engines.


Because of re-encoding, uploads might be become larger when forwarded. This means that you might have to increase the value of the MaxFileUploadSize parameter for the child engine by up to 33%.




Parameter Description Required
Command The command to send to the server. Yes
Port The port number of the service. Yes
Type The type of action to send.  

You can also submit this action from Coordinator by specifying the ControllerUUID parameter. For more information, refer to the Coordinator Reference.