Each statistical rule must have its own entry in the configuration file. Entries must be numbered consecutively, starting from 0 (zero).

Each rule must have the following format:

Type | Port | MeterName

You can set Type to any of the following values:

You can set Port to * to monitor all available ports, or to the number of a specific service port. If you set Type to System, leave Port empty.

You can set MeterName to * to monitor all meters for the specified Type and Port, or you can specify the meter name itself, with the parts of the meter name separated by pipe characters. For example:


To exclude a particular statistical meter from monitoring by Controller, include an exclamation mark at the start of the rule. For example:


Type: Boolean
Default: None
Required: Yes
Configuration Section: StatsMonitor
Example: 0=Service|*|Service|*|*
See Also: NumRules