A comma-separated list of the directories that the server can write output files to. Output files are created when an action is sent with the Output parameter set to file.

You must create the directory before it can be used.

Note: The server does not complete file paths using the AllowedOutputDirectoryCSVs. You must always specify the full file path in the action.

For example, if you send the action action=query&output=file&filename=query.xml, the service attempts to write the output file query.xml to the directory where it is running, which is not allowed, so the query fails.

For the query to succeed, you must specify a full file path (which is allowed by AllowedOutputDirectoryCSVs).

Type: String
Default: The output subdirectory of the directory where the service is running.
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server


In this example, a service can write to C:\TEMP and the root directory of the D:\ drive.

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