The IP addresses or host names for machines that are permitted to index data into IDOL Server (using the specified IndexPort). Separate multiple addresses with a comma. There must be no space before or after a comma.

You can use wildcards in the IP addresses. For example, type 187.*.*.* to permit any machine whose IP address begins with 187 to access the service's status. You can also filter the IndexClients parameter using CIDR notation.

Note: If you want to use the Controller and Coordinator servers to run and track index commands, you must configure your Coordinator server as an index client by specifying the host name or IP address of the Coordinator server as the value of the IndexClients parameter. For example, if the host name of your Coordinator server is WIN-IAA62SFQQCV, edit your Controller configuration file as shown below:


Note that you must implement this change in the configuration file for each of your Controller servers.

Type: String
Default: None
Required: No
Configuration Section: IndexProxy or Server
Example: IndexClients=,
See Also: IndexPort