Edits an existing schedule. You must specify the following information:


a=EditSchedule&Name=backupSchedule&ScheduleCommand=DREBACKUP%3F%2Fpath%2Fto%2Fbackup&ScheduleStart=2014-Jan-08 15:42:36&ScheduleInterval=5 hours


Parameter Description Required
Name The name of the schedule to edit.  
Port The port that the schedule runs on.  
ScheduleCommand The action to schedule. Yes
ScheduleCount The number of times to run the schedule.  
ScheduleEnd The date on which to stop the schedule.  
ScheduleInterval The amount of time that must pass after a schedule has run before it runs again. Yes
ScheduleStart The date on which to start the schedule. Yes
ScheduleType The type of action to schedule.