Controller Action Parameters

This section describes the parameters for the actions available to Controller.

Command MaxResults (GetStatusOverview action) SCMServiceName
ConfigContent MaxTimestamp (EraseStatistics action) ScriptName (GetStatusOverview action)
ConfigPath MaxTimestamp (GetStatistics action) ScriptName (RunScript action)
ControlMethod MinTimestamp (EraseStatistics action) StopControlMethod
ExecPath MinTimestamp (GetStatistics action) Summarize
IDs Name Type (AddService and EditServiceInfo actions)
IncludeAllMeters Path Type (GetServices action)
InitScriptPath Port (EditServiceInfo, RemoveService, RestartService, StartService, and StopService actions) Type (ListMeters action)
Labels (AddService, EditServiceInfo, and GetServices action) Port (GetStatusOverview action) Type (SendAction action)
Labels (RunScript action) Port(ListMeters action) Type (RunScript action)
MaxEndTime Port (RunScript action) Types (RunScript action)
MaxHistoryResults Port (SendAction action)
MaxResults (GetStatistics action) QueryMeters