The GSSAPI service name that you want to use for the IDOL Content Component service. You must specify the GSSAPI service name, instance name (fully qualified host name), and the Kerberos realm (normally the domain name in upper case).

If you enable GSSAPI authentication, IDOL Content Component uses this value as the GSSAPI service name to identify itself. You enable GSSAPI authentication by setting the RequireGSSAuth parameter in the appropriate section:


You cannot use RequireGSSAuth with GSS ACI encryption (see ACI Encryption Configuration Parameters). If you configure both, IDOL Content Component does not start.


You cannot use this method for GSSAPI authorization in a unified IDOL Server, or if you use an IDOL Proxy component to distribute actions.

Type: String
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server
Example: GSSServiceName=MYSERVICE/
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