Regenerate modified numeric fields without reindexing IDOL Content Component. Set RegenerateNumericDateIndex to True if you want to define NumericDateType fields or add extra NumericDateType fields but have already indexed content into IDOL Content Component. This allows IDOL Content Component to generate the files that it requires to internally identify NumericDateType fields at startup, so that you need only to restart IDOL Content Component to be able to use NumericDateType fields, rather than having to reindex all your data.

After the numeric date index has been regenerated, HPE recommends that you disable RegenerateNumericDateIndex again to avoid wasting time by regenerating the numeric date index every time you restart IDOL Content Component.


You can also regenerate the NumericDateType index without restarting the server by using the DREREGENERATE index action.

Type: Boolean
Default: False
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server
Example: RegenerateNumericDateIndex=True
See Also: NumericDateType
DREREGENERATE index action