The maximum weight contribution that any single term in the fields with this property can make to a query score.

By default, IDOL Server uses the number of occurrences of a term in a document as part of the query result score calculation. MaxTermContribution provides you with more control over the weight contribution of a field to the results score. You can use this parameter to cap the weight contribution that a term can make in that field, so that multiple occurrences do not continue to increase the score.

This behavior is similar to using MaxIndexOccurrencesPerField to limit the number of occurrences of a term in the index. However, MaxTermContribution does not affect the terms that you index, and therefore does not affect phrase search or proximity operations.

IDOL Server counts the term occurrences for each field (that is, if you set this property for multiple fields, it caps the term occurrences for each field individually. If there are multiple occurrences of the field in a document, IDOL Server counts the term occurrences across all occurrences of the field.


MaxTermContribution is a weighting cap, not a cap on the absolute number of occurrences. If you use Weight to increase the weight of a field, it takes fewer occurrences of a term to reach the maximum term contribution. For example, if you set MaxTermContribution to 3, and Weight to 1.5, the contribution of a particular term to the field is capped after two occurrences (1.5 * 2). 

Type: Long
Default: unlimited
Required: No
Configuration Section: MyProperty
Example: MaxTermContribution=3
See Also: Property