A list of non-alphanumeric characters (in unencoded UTF-8) to make searchable.

Allows you to list one or more characters (except space, return, or tab characters) that you want to be able to search for, in the same way that you can search for letters. IDOL Content Component does not stem terms that contain the specified tangible characters.

For example, if set TangibleCharacters to ! for the language type FrenchUTF8, the action Query&Text=Help!&LanguageType=frenchutf8 matches a document that contains the term help!, but not one that contains only help.


If you specify a character for TangibleCharacters that is also set as a separator, TangibleCharacters takes precedence. However, if you specify a character for TangibleCharacters that is also set for HyphenChars, HyphenChars takes precedence (that is, IDOL Content Component treats the character as HyphenChars, and not TangibleCharacters).

Type: String
Required: No
Configuration Section: LanguageTypes or MyLanguage
Example: TangibleCharacters=!?
See Also: NumberPunctuation

If you change this setting after you have indexed content into IDOL Server, the new setting applies only to new content, and the server logs a warning. To clear the warning and ensure that your change applies to all your content, you must initialize your index and reindex the content.