Set ValueDetails to True to return the following additional information about the numeric values that occur in the specified FieldName:


The total number of numeric values.


The <autn:total_values> tag in the default GetQueryTagValues response shows the number of unique values that occur in the specified FieldName (including any string values).


The sum of all the numeric values.


The average (mean) of the numeric values.


The minimum value.

<autn:valuemax> The maximum value.

The values for percentiles across the range of the data. By default, IDOL Content Component returns the 10th, 25th, 50th (median), 75th, and 90th percentiles. You can modify this range by setting ValuePercentiles.


If you send the GetQueryTagValues to a Distributed Action Handler (DAH), the ValueDetails response always includes only the default value percentiles. However, DAH requests additional percentiles from the child servers so that it can calculate the appropriate ranges for the whole dataset.

For example:

<autn:valuepercentile percentile="10">3.00</autn:valuepercentile>
<autn:valuepercentile percentile="25">3.00</autn:valuepercentile>
<autn:valuepercentile percentile="50">5.00</autn:valuepercentile>
<autn:valuepercentile percentile="75">6.00</autn:valuepercentile>
<autn:valuepercentile percentile="90">9.00</autn:valuepercentile>

The total, average, min, max, and percentile values are rounded to two decimal places.

String values do not affect the calculated values or the count.


If the specified FieldName is DateType or NumericDateType, the ValueDetails response includes date attributes for the values, which contains a date value in the format HH:NN:SS DD/MM/YYYY (with BC, where appropriate). If you use DateOffset, the response also includes a date_with_offset attribute.

You can also use the FieldDependence parameter in combination with ValueDetails. When you set both ValueDetails and FieldDependence to True, IDOL Content Component prints ValueDetails for the last field that you list in the FieldName parameter. In this way, you can obtain value details for a full hierarchy in a single query.

When you set ValueDetails and FieldDependenceMultiLevel to True, IDOL Content Component prints the details for the last FieldName in the hierarchy, in the context of the previous fields.

Actions: GetQueryTagValues
Type: Boolean
Default: False
Example: ValueDetails=True
See Also: FieldDependence