Set RestrictedValues to True to restrict any tag values for fields in both the FieldText and FieldName parameters to only those values that satisfy the FieldText.

By default, GetQueryTagValues returns tag values for the specified FieldName fields, in any documents that match the FieldText. If FieldText and FieldName refer to the same field, you can limit the returned tags to those that match the FieldText by setting RestrictedValues to True.

For example, if you set FieldName to TO, and you set the following FieldText expression: 

MATCH{Alice,Bob,Clare,Daniel,Emma}:FROM AND WILD{Fra*}:TO

The GetQueryTagValues action finds documents that match this FieldText expression (that is, documents that contain matching values in the TO and FROM fields), and returns only values of the TO field that match the Wildcard string Fra* (such as Frank, Francesca, and so on).


If you want to apply a filter string to the values without restricting the overall result set, you can use ValueRestriction. ValueRestriction also allows you to apply a filter to all the returned fields without specifying them all individually in your FieldText expression.

If you set RestrictedValues to True and also set ValueRestriction, IDOL Content Component uses the ValueRestriction and ignores RestrictedValues.

Actions: GetQueryTagValues
Type: Boolean
Default: False
Example: RestrictedValues=True
See Also: FieldName