Set FieldDependence to True to find sets of values that occur together in documents. This parameter has an effect only when you specify more than one parametric field in the FieldName parameter.

IDOL Content Component treats the first field listed in FieldName as the main field, and treats subsequently listed fields as dependent on the first field. That is, if it finds documents that contain the first parametric field listed, it checks whether they also contain the subsequently listed parametric fields.

For documents that contain only the first parametric field, IDOL Content Component returns only the value of this field. For documents that contain the first parametric field and one or more of the subsequently listed parametric fields, IDOL Content Component returns the value of the first field and of the other fields.

You can also use FieldDependence in combination with ValueDetails. When you set both ValueDetails and FieldDependence to True, IDOL Content Component prints ValueDetails for the last field that you list in the FieldName parameter. In this way, you can obtain value details for a full hierarchy in a single query.


When you set FieldDependence to True, it changes the default value of TotalValues to False.

Actions: GetQueryTagValues
Type: Boolean
Default: False
Example: FieldDependence=True
See Also: FieldDependenceMultiLevel