Exact Phrase Search

You can search for exact phrases rather than conceptual matches by putting quotation marks (" ") around a string of words.

For example:

http://localhost:9000/action=Query&Text="world market"

When AdvancedSearch is set to True in the configuration file, this query matches the phrase exactly (that is, it matches the exact form of all the terms, rather than also matching similar terms that stems to the same value).


During the exact phrase search process, IDOL Content Component stems the terms, matches documents that contain the stem, and then finds occurrences that match your exact unstemmed form. This stemming step means that an exact phrase search might not match a document in a different language that contains the exact unstemmed term, because the stemming rules are different. To match these documents, you must use GenericStemming.

When AdvancedSearch is set to False, the query matches the stemmed terms, but they must still appear in the specified order and proximity. In both cases, IDOL Content Component removes any stop words from the query phrase, unless you also configureStopWordIndex.

To search for multiple strings, separate the individual strings with plus symbols or spaces and put quotation marks around each string.

For example:

http://localhost:9000/action=Query&Text="birthday party" "gift wrap" "surprise guest"

To search for a string that contains a text symbol, you must use a FieldText query (see the FieldText action parameter).

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