Set Synonym to True to use configured synonym list jobs in this query.

To run this type of synonym query, you must configure a synonym file in the [Synonyms] section, and configure SynonymType fields. For more information, refer to the IDOL Server Administration Guide.


You can also use the SYNONYM operator to run a synonym search without configuring a synonym job. See Synonym Search.

When you set Synonym to True, IDOL Content Component looks for terms in the query text that correspond to synonyms in your synonym list files. When a term has matching synonyms, IDOL Content Component uses an internal synonym link to match your documents.

The synonym links indicate internally the set of terms and phrases that a synonym corresponds to. You can use the TermExpand action to expand these internal links to see what these term phrases are.


The query matches synonyms only if they occur in the configured SynonymType fields. For all other index fields, IDOL Content Component only matches the original query text.

Actions: Query
Type: Boolean
Default: False
Example: Synonym=True
See Also: FieldText