The ID of a state token (created earlier by using the StoreState parameter with the Query action) that lists the documents whose content you want to return.

If you specify the token ID only, the action returns all documents listed in the token. If you add a (zero-based) index range, or individual numbers separated by plus symbols (+), in square brackets after the token ID, IDOL Content Component returns only that range or set of documents.


When you specify documents or document ranges, you must list the entries in increasing numerical order.

For reference-based state tokens, the GetContent action returns a list of any references from the state token that are no longer available, for example because the document has been deleted since the state token was generated.

Actions: GetAllRefs
Type: String
Example: Return the content of all the documents listed in the state token B8UGIK95FKJG-23:

Return the content of the first twelve documents, plus the fourteenth and sixteenth documents, listed in the state token B8UGIK95FKJG-23:
See Also: StoreState