The method to use to order the query results. By default, IDOL Content Component displays results in order of relevance. If several documents have the same relevance, IDOL Content Component orders them by the autn:docid (document ID) number.

You can use one of the following sorting options:

If you want to sort results by several criteria, specify these criteria in order of precedence, as follows:


if you set Cluster as one of multiple sorting options, it automatically takes precedence over the other sorting options, regardless of its position in the list.

For example:


In this example, results order first by Relevance, then alphabetically by DRETITLE, and finally by Date.

Actions: Query
Type: String
Default: Relevance
Example: Sort=Date
See Also: UserMetaFields
AutnRankType configuration parameter
NumericType configuration parameter
SortType configuration parameter
SortComparisonMethod configuration parameter