The fields to display for results documents. This option has an effect only if you set Print to Fields.

By default, when you set Print to Fields, IDOL Content Component displays all fields that you have configured with the PrintType property. If you also set PrintFields, IDOL Content Component displays only the specified fields. The fields that you specify do not have to be PrintType fields.

For the Query action, you can use PrintFields to display the values of temporary fields created by the UserMetaFields parameter, as well as standard document fields.


If you want to print XML attributes in your result, your PrintFields parameter must include both the attribute (in the format _ATTR_attributeName) and the tag that encloses the attribute. For example, PrintFields=Author,Author/_ATTR_* prints the Author field and all the XML attributes that it contains.

Separate multiple fields with plus symbols, commas, or spaces.

Actions: GetContent
Type: String
Example: PrintFields=Author,DRECONTENT
See Also: Print
PrintType configuration parameter