This parameter description applies only to the DocumentStats action.

The percent-encoded reference of a document from which to return the term position for the specified text. The MatchReference or MatchID parameter must refer to exactly one document section. You can also set the ReferenceField parameter to specify the reference field that this reference value must occur in.

If the reference contains plus symbols (+) or spaces, you must percent-encode the reference.

Actions: DocumentStats
Type: String
Example: action=DocumentStats&Text="business":MyField&TermPositions=True&MatchReference=http%253A%252F%252Fwww%252Eexample%252Ecom%252F%253Fscript%252Epl%2526query%253Dtest%2B
This example returns a list consisting of the occurrences of the term business that appear in the text of the field MyField in the document specified by the URL. For example:

This response means that there were three occurrences, all in the field with fieldcode 6, and in positions 11, 15, and 26.
See Also: MatchID