This parameter is available only when you distribute the action by using a DAH running in non-mirror mode.

When used with DAHStartState, DAHEndState determines exactly the range of results returned by each child server, by setting Start and MaxResults for the query that DAH sends to each child server. The end state of a page coincides with the start state of the next page.

This option is useful when paging back batches of results in cases where the start state of each page is cached.

If you use DAHEndState without DAHStartState, it has no effect.

To retrieve results in batches, the following conditions must exist:

  1. MaxResults must be greater than or equal to the Start value. For example:

  2. Start must be greater than the sum of the comma-separated values of DAHStartState. For example:


    (sum of these values=10)

For example:


This query yields up to 11 documents that contain the word dinosaur. The query starts at the eleventh result and returns up to the twenty-first result, because MaxResults is set to 21. DAHStartState is set to 2,3,5 to indicate which place in the child server results list to retrieve results for the query from. DAHEndState is set to 8,6,7 to indicate that the results must end on the eighth result from the first server, the sixth result from the second server, and the seventh result from the third server.

You can then use the DAHEndState as the DAHStartState for the next query to retrieve the next batch of results.

Actions: Query
Type: Long
Example: DAHEndState=15
See Also: DAHStartState