Introduction to Index Actions

Index actions allow you to index content into HPE Content Component, and to administer the Data index.


Index actions are case sensitive and can only be issued by IndexClients. All index actions must be sent to the HPE Content Component IndexPort.

The following index actions are available:

DREADD Indexes content that is located on the same machine as the HPE Content Component.
DREADDDATA Indexes content that is not located on the same machine as the HPE Content Component.
DREBACKUP Backs up the IDOL Server data index.
DRECHANGEMETA Changes document metadata fields.
DRECOMPACT Compacts the IDOL Server data index.
DRECREATEDBASE Creates a database.
DREDBSETOPTIONS Updates the configuration for a database.
DREDELDBASE Deletes all documents from a database.
DREDELETEDOC Deletes documents by ID.
DREDELETEREF Deletes documents by reference.
DREDUPLICATE Removes or tags duplicates in the IDOL Server data index.
DREEXPIRE Expires documents from IDOL Server.
DREEXPORTIDX Exports IDX files from IDOL Server.
DREEXPORTREMOTE Exports XML files from one IDOL Server and indexes them into another.
DREEXPORTXML Exports XML files from IDOL Server.
DREFLUSHANDPAUSE Prepares IDOL Server for a snapshot (hot backup).
DREINITIAL Resets the IDOL Server data index.
DREQUERYSUMMARYMANAGEMENT Updates the query summary stop phrase list or white list.
DREREGENERATE Regenerates one or more data indexes.
DREREMOVEDBASE Deletes a database.
DRERENAMEDBASE Renames a database.
DREREPLACE Changes document field values or deletes fields.
DRERESET Forces IDOL Server to read the configuration file.
DRERESIZEINDEXCACHE Dynamically resizes the index cache.
DRESPELLCHECKCACHE Controls the spell check correction cache.
DRESYNC Flushes the index cache to disk.
DRETAGDOCCLUSTERS Allows you to tag documents that are conceptually similar.
DREUNDELETEDOC Restores deleted documents.
DREVALIDATE Validates specified Content sub-indexes.