The phrases that you want to add or remove from the specified List.

By default, IDOL Server considers all phrases in their entirety. For example, if you specify Company as a list item, it affects only query summary results where Company is the whole query summary phrase, and not all query summary phrases that contain Company.

To apply the list to any query summary phrase that contains a specified subphrase, prefix the subphrase with an asterisk (*). For example, if you specify *Company as a list item, it affects any query summary result phrase that contains the subphrase Company, such as Company News, or Top Headlines for Company.

If you want to specify multiple phrases, percent-encode each phrase separately, then separate the phrases with commas (there must be no space before or after a comma), and percent-encode the whole string again. When percent-encoding a subphrase, do not encode the asterisk as part of the phrase.

Type: String
Example: Phrase=Top%2520Foods%2CQUICK%2520SNACKS%2C%2ACOMPANY

This example adds the phrases Top Foods, and Quick Snacks, and the subphrase *Company to the phrase list.
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