Allows you to add a custom file to define the weights for terms in your index.

You can use this action to define a standard set of term weights for each child server in a distributed architecture, to ensure consistent weightings.

When you use a custom weight file, IDOL Server uses these custom weights in all queries and actions the use the term information (such as TermGetInfo). However, you can also override the custom term weight file in an individual query to use the default index weights.

You can use the KeepExisting parameter to specify whether you want to update the existing file (the default), or overwrite it. If you set KeepExisting to False and do not set Filename, IDOL Server deletes the custom term weight file, and uses the default term weights in the index.


This example updates IDOL Server with the term weights defined in the file customweights.xml.


Parameter Description Required
Filename The path to the XML file that contains the weight information that you want to use.  
KeepExisting Whether to update or overwrite the existing custom term weight file.  

This index action accepts the following standard index action parameters.

Parameter Description
IgnoreMaxPendingItems Whether to ignore the IndexQueueMaxPendingItems limit for this index action.
IndexUID An identification code for any document tracking events.
NoArchive Turn off configured archiving for the index action.
Priority The priority for the index job.