Allows you to delete all data from your IDOL Server data index, and to reset the data index.

By default, DREINITIAL also clears the contents of the index queue, including any queued index actions. You can preserve the index queue by using the PreserveQueue parameter, or by setting the PreserveOnInitial configuration parameter.

You can also use DREINITIAL to restore a backup file (created by using the DREBACKUP index action) to an IDOL Server, using the following index action:



IDOLhost is the IP address or host name of the machine on which HPE IDOL is installed.
indexPort is the HPE Content Component index port (specified by the IndexPort parameter in the configuration file [Server] section).
path is the path to the location of the IDOL Server backup, created by DREBACKUP.

If you use DREINITIAL to restore from a backup, the index action is added to the backup event list. You can control the length of this list by using the BackupListLength configuration parameter in the IDOL Server configuration file.

The DREINITIAL index action initializes or restores only the index data files, and does not affect your configuration file. When you initialize the index, or restore from a backup, it does not overwrite any configuration file changes you have made.


When you restore from a backup using DREINITIAL, IDOL Server does not reindex the data.

When you want to update a configuration parameter that requires you to reindex your data, you can use DREEXPORTIDX or DREEXPORTXML to export an IDX or XML file. You can then initialize your index, make your configuration changes and index the IDX or XML file back into IDOL Server.

Because the DREINITIAL index action resets the index, the index action always returns its index ID as 1. To allow you to track the process, HPE recommends that you set the InitialID parameter in the DREINITIAL index action. The IDOL Server GetStatus action reports the InitialID of the last DREINITIAL that it processed, which allows you to check whether the DREINITIAL index action has been completed. The InitialID also ensures that if the server receives the same request multiple times, it processes only the first one.


This index action uses port 20001 to reset the data index of HPE Content Component, which is located on a machine with the IP address\DataIndex_Backup

This index action uses port 20001 to restore the files backed up on E:\DataIndex_Backup to HPE IDOL, which is located on a machine with the IP address


Parameter Description Required
ArchiveCleanupCutOffTime The latest time for which you want to keep archives.  
HostDetails Whether the restoration must use a backup directory based on a specific host and port combination.  
InitialID The ID of the DREINITIAL index action to process when multiple actions are sent.  
Path The full path to the data backup.  
PreserveQueue Whether to preserve the index queue when you initialize the index.  
RestoreTime The time to which you want to restore your index.  

This index action accepts the following standard index action parameters.

Parameter Description
IgnoreMaxPendingItems Whether to ignore the IndexQueueMaxPendingItems limit for this index action.
IndexUID An identification code for any document tracking events.
NoArchive Turn off configured archiving for the index action.
Priority The priority for the index job.