The amount of memory to allocate to store the most commonly occurring terms.

If you set TermCachePersistentKB, the N most commonly occurring terms (by total number of occurrences) are stored in memory. N is selected so that the amount of memory used to store the terms is as close as possible to the memory allocated in TermCachePersistentKB. The default value is 0 (zero), which means that HPE Content Component does not cache terms.

Use this parameter only when there is a large amount of available memory, such as in 64-bit applications.

If you set both TermCachePersistentMinOccs and TermCachePersistentKB, TermCachePersistentKB takes precedence.

Type: Long
Default: 0
Allowed Range:

Minimum: 0

Maximum: N/A

Recommended Range:

Minimum: 10240

Maximum: 2048000

Required: No
Configuration Section: TermCache
Example: TermCachePersistentKB=100000
See Also: TermCachePersistentMinOccs