Set XMLFullStructure to True to enable the WHEN operator for the Query action Text parameter.

The WHEN operator allows you to return only those XML documents in which two fields with the same parent field contain specified terms or phrases. Setting XMLFullStructure to True ensures each occurrence of the same field name in an XML document is given a different field code so that each one can be uniquely identified.

If you perform a geographical search, a single XML document can contain multiple latitude and longitude pairs, as long as each pair has a unique parent tag. In such documents:


Matches any of the pairs in the document.


Biases according to the closest pair to the center point.


Sorts according to the closest pair to the center point.

You can use the DISTSPHERICAL operator with the WHEN operator when you have set XMLFullStructure to True.


Type: Boolean
Default: False
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server
Example: XMLFullStructure=False
See Also:

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If you change this setting after you have indexed content into HPE Content Component, you must reindex the content.