The number of characters to use for results sorting. By default, HPE Content Component uses only the first eight characters in a sort field value to calculate the document sorted position. If all (or many) document sort fields have values whose initial N characters are identical, set SortFieldStorageLength to a value larger than N to allow meaningful sorting.


Alternatively, you can use the SortFieldPrefixCSVs parameter to specify string prefixes to ignore when sorting.

Any value larger than eight requires proportionally more memory for storage of the sort fields, so do not use this parameter if it is not needed.


If you change the value of this parameter, you must regenerate the sort index (RegenerateSortFieldIndex) or run a DRECOMPACT operation to ensure accurate sorting.

Type: Long
Default: 8
Allowed Range: Minimum: 8
Maximum: 36
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server
Example: SortFieldStorageLength=16
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