The QuerySummary stop phrase mode to use. Stop phrases allow you to filter the list of phrases that HPE Content Component produces when you use the QuerySummary action parameter.

Set this parameter to one of the following values, or a sum of values:

1 Enable QuerySummary stop phrases.

Use database restrictions when automatically generating new QuerySummary stop phrases.

In this mode, HPE Content Component generates the stop phrases based on a selection of documents for each database (by default it uses a random sample of all documents). All stop phrases apply to all queries and all databases.

4 Generate new QuerySummary stop phrases at startup if none exist.
8 Generate additional QuerySummary stop phrases at startup, appending to existing values.
16 Remove existing stop phrases before generating new ones.
32 Use case-insensitive phrase matching.

When you enable stop phrases, HPE Content Component stores them in the qssp.db file in the Content component root directory. HPE recommends that you use QuerySummaryStopPhraseMode 4 or 8 to automatically create this list. With mode 8, HPE Content Component automatically detects very common phrases in HPE Content Component when you start it, and adds them to the list. This list might include common boilerplate text, such as a disclaimer or e-mail signature.

You can modify the file manually to add any other stop phrases that you do not want to appear in your query summary lists. The stop phrase file must contain one percent-encoded phrase on each line. For example:


By default, HPE Content Component considers all phrases in their entirety. For example, if you specify Company as a list item, it affects only query summary results where Company is the whole query summary phrase, and not all query summary phrases that contain Company.

To remove any query summary phrase that contains a specified subphrase, prefix the subphrase with an asterisk (*). For example, if you specify *Company as a list item, it affects any query summary result phrase that contains the subphrase Company, such as Company News, or Top Headlines for Company.

Type: Long
Default: 0
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server


In this example, QuerySummary stop phrases are enabled, and HPE Content Component automatically adds new ones every time it starts.

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