The percentage of documents in your index that match a GetQueryTagValues action after which HPE Content Component predicts the document counts for parametric values.

When you set both DocumentCount and Predict to True in your GetQueryTagValues action, HPE Content Component predicts the parametric value counts. This option is similar to Predict for the Query action, and improves the query speed.

Predicting more accurate values for the document counts for parametric values generally requires a large sample size than for predicting the total number of results. ParametricResultsPredictionThresholdPercentage provides a dynamic threshold, relative to the number of committed documents in your index, for the number of documents that HPE Content Component must examine before it attempts to predict the results.

For example, if you have 100000 documents in your index, and you use the default ParametricResultsPredictionThresholdPercentage (1), HPE Content Component uses prediction for any query that matches 1000 or more documents.

You can also use ParametricResultsPredictionThreshold to set a fixed threshold number of documents. In this case, HPE Content Component uses whichever threshold corresponds to the larger number of documents.

If you do not want to use a dynamic threshold, set ParametricResultsPredictionThresholdPercentage to 0. In this case, HPE recommends that you set ParametricResultsPredictionThreshold to use a larger threshold value than TotalResultsPredictionThreshold.

Type: Long
Default: 1
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server
Example: ParametricResultsPredictionThresholdPercentage=1
See Also: ParametricResultsPredictionThreshold