The number of matching documents that must match in a GetQueryTagValues action for HPE Content Component to predict the document counts for the parametric values.

When you set both DocumentCount and Predict to True in GetQueryTagValues, HPE Content Component predicts the parametric value counts. This option is similar to Predict for the Query action, and improves the query speed.

Predicting more accurate document counts for parametric values generally requires a large sample size than for predicting the total number of results.

By default, the ParametricResultsPredictionThresholdPercentage parameter is set to provide a dynamic threshold, corresponding to one percent of the documents in your index. If you turn off the dynamic threshold, HPE recommends that you set ParametricResultsPredictionThreshold to be higher than TotalResultsPredictionThreshold.

If you set both ParametricResultsPredictionThresholdPercentage and ParametricResultsPredictionThreshold, HPE Content Component uses the larger value as the threshold.

Type: Long
Default: The value of TotalResultsPredictionThreshold
Recommended Range: Minimum: 50
Maximum: 1000
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server
Example: ParametricResultsPredictionThreshold=500
See Also: TotalResultsPredictionThreshold