The compression method to use for the data in the nodetable directory. This compression reduces the IDOL Server disk footprint. You can set this parameter to one of the following compression methods: 

For more information about the compression mode to use, refer to IDOL Expert.

If you change this setting after you have indexed data, HPE Content Component does not immediately recompress your index. When you run an index action that adds data or rewrites existing data (such as DREREPLACE), it uses the new compression method. You can also run a DRECOMPACT index action with the NodeTableCompactWindowKB parameter to apply the new compression method to your index.


You can only increase compression by using the DRECOMPACT index action. For example, if you change NodeTableCompression from lz4 to 0 (off), the compaction does not decompress your data. If you want to reduce the compression on your existing data, you must initialize your index.

Type: String
Default: 0 (off)
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server
Example: NodeTableCompression=lz4
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