Set IncludeExpiredResults to False if you want HPE Content Component to check the expiration dates for documents at query time, and exclude any documents that have expired.

HPE Content Component document expiration runs on a schedule, which periodically checks the index for documents that have an expiration date in the past and delete them. By default, HPE Content Component queries can return any matching documents that have expired since the last schedule was run.

To ensure that only active documents return, set IncludeExpiredResults to False. In this case, HPE Content Component runs a check at query time and removes documents from the results if they have an expiration date in the past.

If you have set the ExpireIntoDatabase parameter to archive documents, this parameter has no effect.


If your HPE Content Component has an ExpireTime enforced by your license, IncludeExpiredResults is implicitly set to False.

Type: Boolean
Default: True
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server
Example: IncludeExpiredResults=False
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