Whether to prevent queries that include FieldText expressions with specifiers from operating against fields that are not optimized for that specifier.

By default, HPE Content Component performs any FieldText query against any field, but queries against optimized fields have improved performance. If you want to prevent potentially slow queries against non-optimized field types, set DisallowNonOptimizedFieldText to True. For example, in this case a query with a FieldText EQUAL specifier against a non-NumericType field returns an error.


If you regularly have slow FieldText queries, you might want to adjust your field configurations to optimize the associated fields, rather than disallowing the non-optimized queries.

If you create UserMetaFields, the created metafields inherit the optimized properties of the parent fields. For example, if you create a user metafield by adding together to the contents of two NumericType fields, you can use the resulting field in FieldText expressions with the EQUAL specifier.

In addition, IDOL standard metafields have the following optimizations for this purpose:

For more information about optimized field types, see Properties Configuration Parameters, and refer to IDOL Expert.

Type: Boolean
Default: False
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server
Example: DisallowNonOptimizedFieldText=True
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