Set AdvancedCaseSearch to True to use an advanced weighting algorithm that improves conceptual querying, and also enable case sensitive exact keyword search.

Enabling AdvancedCaseSearch allows you to search for a case sensitive exact keyword or phrase match. When you query for a word or phrase that is enclosed in quotation marks, HPE Content Component matches it in its exact unstemmed form (query text that is not enclosed in quotation marks is still matched conceptually). It matches any word that you prefix with a tilde (~) case-sensitively.


AdvancedCaseSearch is not affected by enabling or disabling stemming.

Enabling AdvancedCaseSearch has no notable effect on the index size.

Enabling AdvancedCaseSearch does not prevent HPE Content Component from discarding stop words at index time and at query time.

If you enable AdvancedCaseSearch, HPE recommends that you set ProperNames to 7 in the appropriate language type sections of the configuration file.

If you enable AdvancedCaseSearch, you can still run a conceptual phrase search that uses stemming by using the DNEAR1 proximity operator.

To indicate that you want to match case for a term, prefix it with a tilde (~). For example:


In this example, HPE Content Component stems the term Lovely, and matches case-sensitively. For example, it matches Love, Lovely, and Loved, but not lovely or LoVeLy.

For more information about case-sensitive searching, refer to IDOL Expert.

You can use also case-sensitive matching in combination with phrase search to match exact terms.

Word Match Example


HPE Content Component does not apply stemming. When it matches the query, HPE Content Component returns only documents that contain a word that exactly matches the query word. The query "~Lovely" can return only documents that contain the word Lovely.

Phrase Match Example

action=Query&Text="fresh and ~Lovely"

HPE Content Component removes any stop words that the query contains (the example query above contains the stop word and), but it does not apply stemming:

action=Query&Text="fresh ~Lovely"

When it matches the query, HPE Content Component returns only documents that contain a phrase that matches the phrase in the query string. The query "fresh and ~Lovely" can return only documents that contain a phrase that matches the phrase fresh Lovely (for example, fresh Lovely, fresh and Lovely, Fresh or Lovely, and so on).

Type: Boolean
Default: False
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server
Example: AdvancedCaseSearch=True
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This configuration parameter is a permanent setting. If you want to change this setting, you must initialize your index.