Whether to store metadata as in DRE 3, not as in HPE Content Component.


Set IDXUseDRESection to False only if you are using custom DRE3-based applications that require different metadata for each page of a sectioned document. Setting IDXUseDRESection to False can have adverse effects on some HPE Content Component operations (for example, KillDuplicates and Combine).

When you index IDX files into HPE Content Component, it stores all the file fields in the first section, which makes storage and processing more efficient. DRE3 stores all the file fields in every section. If you are upgrading from DRE3 to HPE Content Component and have modified the values of one or more fields in some of the IDX file sections (so that the field values vary according to the IDX file section), set IDXUseDRESection to False. This setting ensures that HPE Content Component treats the individual sections as individual documents (with different DocIDs), so that none of your field values are lost.

Type: Boolean
Default: True
Required: No
Configuration Section: SectionBreaking
Example: IDXUseDRESection=False
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