The fields with this property exist in inverted agents.


Use this setting only if IDOL Server stores agents.

Type true to indicate that the associated PropertyFieldCSVs fields are contained within inverted agents (fields contain 1 if the agent must be treated as an inverted agent).

Inverted agents are identical copies of the query agents a user can access. IDOL Server stores the inverted agents. When the IDOL Server that the query agents use for querying indexes a new document, it uses the document to query for inverted agents. Each inverted agent returns with a relevance that is equal to the relevance that the document receives when the equivalent query agent matches against the IDOL Server containing that document. Inverted agents allow IDOL Server to alert users to new documents within a category.


Each document that you store in IDOL Server must contain only one InvertedAgentType field. If IDOL Server receives a document that contains more than one InvertedAgentType field, it acknowledges only the first InvertedAgentType field and ignores the rest.

Type: Boolean
Default: False
Required: No
Configuration Section: MyProperty
Example: InvertedAgentType=true
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