The hierarchical fields with this property are indexed as one level. When IDOL Server indexes one of the associated PropertyFieldCSVs, it indexes all subfields in the specified FlattenIndexType field as part of the parent field.

For example, if you configure */subject as FlattenIndexType, and index the following XML:

   <article id="_21498602">
      <hltext_display>The history of pharmacogenetics </hltext_display>
      <source>Science Online</source>
         <text>The prologue to pharmacogenetics began to play out around 1850 and spanned some 60 years into the 1900s.</text>
         <text>In 1953, the molecular basis of heredity, the double helix of DNA, was described.</text>
   <valid_time>Jul 13 2001 5:00AM</valid_time>

IDOL Server indexes the subject field, and the contents of the two text subfields as the content of the subject field.

If you now query for a particular term in the subject field that is actually contained in a level below the subject field, for example the term pharmacogenetics, this document returns. If you did not flatten the subject field, the query would not return the document, because the subject field itself does not contain this term.


You must configure any fields that you set as FlattenIndexType to also be Index fields.

For example, if you configure */subject as FlattenIndexType, you must configure */subject and */subject/* with the Index property.

Type: Boolean
Default: False
Required: No
Configuration Section: MyProperty
Example: FlattenIndexType=True
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If you change this setting after you have indexed content into IDOL Server, you must reindex the content.