Whether to hash the values of fields with this property for fast retrieval. Type true to map the values of the associated PropertyFieldCSVs field to integers (by hashing and storing them in memory), to make them available for especially fast retrieval. Typically, you assign FieldCheckType to fields where you frequently use the entire value to restrict results (for example, a field that stores category names).

Refer to the IDOL Server Administration Guide for more details on FieldCheckType fields.


Each document that you store in IDOL Server must contain only one FieldCheckType field. If IDOL Server receives a document that contains more than one FieldCheckType field, it acknowledges only the first FieldCheckType field and ignores the rest.

If you set URLAnalysis to true in the IDOL Server configuration file [Server] section, you cannot identify a field as a FieldCheckType field, as IDOL Server automatically uses the domain it finds in document Reference fields as FieldCheck value.

Type: Boolean
Default: False
Required: No
Configuration Section: MyProperty
Example: FieldCheckType=true
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If you change this setting after you have indexed content into IDOL Server, you must reindex the content.