The fields with this property contain information about the document sets that a document belongs to. You can use BitFieldType fields to efficiently store set information.

BitFieldType fields contain hexadecimal values that correspond to binary numbers. The binary number is a representation of the sets that a document belongs to, with each binary digit representing a particular set of documents. If a document is part of a set, the bit corresponding to that set is 1. If the document is not part of that set, the bit is 0.

For example, a document that is a part only of set 0 and set 2, has the binary representation 0101 (where set 0 is the furthest right, and set numbers increase to the left). This binary number converts to the hexadecimal value 5, which IDOL Server stores in the BitFieldType field.

You can search for sets in BitFieldType fields using FieldText queries with the BITSET field specifier. You can edit set information in BitFieldType fields using the DREREPLACE index action with the #DREFIELDBITOR, #DREFIELDBITXOR and #DREFIELDBITAND operators.


Each document that you store in IDOL Server must contain only one instance of any given BitFieldType field.

Type: Boolean
Default: False
Required: No
Configuration Section: MyProperty
Example: BitFieldType=true
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If you change this setting after you have indexed content into IDOL Server, you must reindex the content, unless you have set RegenerateBitFieldIndex to true.